Deliverable 5.1 - The Governance of Small Farms and Small Food Businesses to Support Food and Nutritional Security

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Burns, V.
Duckett, D.
Ellis, R.
Hopkins, J.
Kyle, C.
Sutherland L.-A.

The aim of WP5 is to answer the question: What governs Small Farm and Small Food Business activities? The specific aim of this report (and the related task 5.1) is to identify and assess the forms of governance that influence, both positively and negatively, the contribution of small farms and small food businesses (SF/SFB) to Sustainable Food and Nutritional Security (FNS). In doing so, the work proceeds around the following objectives:

  • To analyse data from 20 European and African Reference Regions to identify the state, market, and social/civil arrangements that influence SF/SFBs
  • To classify these arrangements in terms of their form, function, the food system activity they govern and the key actors and distribution of power within these governance arrangements
  • To assess the current impact of the identified governance mechanisms on SF/SFBs and on their ability to contribute to FNS at both regional and household scales
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