Reinforcing The Resilience Of Livestock Farmers In Timbuktu, Mali

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German Agency for International Cooperation

Due to political conflict, hundreds of thousands of people had to leave their homes in northern Mali in the last decade. Many have since returned to their home but struggle to regain their livelihoods. In the Timbuktu region, food insecurity is very high and 15 percent of children under 5 years old suffer from acute malnutrition. Goundam, one of the administrative districts of the Timbuktu region, is populated by livestock farmers. Among the previously displaced people, many have lost all their livestock, and with that their traditional means of livelihood. The ProSAR Project of the Global Programme Food and Nutrition Security; Enhanced Resilience is supporting returnees and those who have stayed in strengthening their resilience to food crises as well as providing emergency relief in case of acute crises. Amongst the project`s activities are the rehabilitation and construction of pastoral wells, support in animal vaccination, income-generating activities, training in fodder production and herd management, as well as nutrition and hygiene sensibilisation.

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Reinforcing The Resilience
Livestock Farmers
Food insecurity