Capacity Development in Agricultural Research for Development

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Ludemann, R.
van Dorp, M.
Chancellor, T.
Groot-Kormelinck, A.

This paper reviews the current policies and programmes of EIARD members in relation to capacity development and makes recommendations on future directions. The main issues and recommendations will be incorporated into a policy brief in which specific policy options or guidelines will be presented. The goal of EIARDs strategy is to reduce poverty (i.e. MDGs); to promote economic growth, food security, and sustainable management of natural resources in developing & emerging economy countries and to contribute to global development issues and knowledge generation. The purpose of this study on capacity development for ARD is to contribute to these objectives by carrying out a broad-scale mapping exercise of current capacity development programmes in EIARD member countries. It identifies some specific initiatives which illustrate different aspects of capacity development and which are representative for a range of different EIARD members. To this end also initiatives from EIARD countries which recently started to support programmes for capacity strengthening in ARD are included.

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