Dual Pathway Approach to Capacity Development (CD) for Agricultural Innovation Systems (AIS)

The dual pathways ensures all actors within the system to have the opportunity to participate, to create joint learning and formulate joint solutions.

The conceptual approach includes two aggregated processes: (1) at system level, focusing on functionalities and performance of the system as a whole, without emphasis on any specific actors, or types of change; and (2) at subsystem level, in an innovation niche, where Capacity Development (CD) will take place around a specific innovation agenda.

The graph illustrates how the conventional disconnect between actors and interventions at system and subsystem levels can be overcome. Linking the two levels through a learning architecture leads to system-wide learning and strengthening of the Agricultural Innovation System (AIS). Strengthening of the overarching capacity to adapt and respond to realize the potential of innovation will result in trust building, new networks, and partnerships to create an effective AIS, and thus ultimately improving people’s livelihoods.