Deliverable 6.2 - Strategic Framework for Guiding Decision-Makers in the Choice of Appropriate Support Instruments (Including the Relevant Evaluation and Learning Arrangements)

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Redman, M.
Toma, I.

The current deliverable (D6.2) is divided into two parts each corresponding to one of its two main audiences, namely:

  • Academics who might be interested in understanding methodological issues regarding the development process of SALSA's Strategic Framework (Part 1), and;
  • Policy makers and practitioners who seek to use SALSA's Strategic Framework for decision making (Part 2).

Part 1  – Scientific Methodology

The aim of D6.2 is to provide policy makers with a strategic framework for guiding their decisions regarding the choice of appropriate support instruments (see Section 1). The SALSA Strategic Framework is based on a synthesis of the following data: (1) SALSA project outputs (WP1-WP6); (2) SALSA participatory processes with policy stakeholders and SALSA experts (concluded in D6.1 on enabling conditions for small farms and other SALSA expert sessions); and (3) Secondary sources stemming from both academic and practitioners' literature, which were used to triangulate findings (see Section 2). The Discussion and Conclusions chapter (see Section 3) provides answers to the three research questions of the deliverable.

Part 2  – SALSA Strategic Framework

The resulting SALSA Strategic Framework is also composed of three parts:

  1. General recommendations for diverse entities/ organizations working at various scales (EU/AU, National, Regional, Local);
  2. Territorially Tailored Food System Policies, and;
  3. Two Policy Tools, corresponding to the European Union and African contexts. The Strategic Framework and its specific components are explained in detail in Section 4.1.
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