What we do

In TAP, we work to strengthen capacities of the agricultural innovation systems actors at multiple levels (individual, organizational and enabling environment levels). We also work to establish close linkages with relevant existing multi-partner initiatives that promote coherent institutional approaches, such as those being implemented by regional fora and international agencies.

TAPipedia was developed under the EU-funded project "Capacity Development on Agricultural Innovation Systems (CDAIS)" (2015-2019) and is currently managed with the support of the project "Developing Capacities in Agricultural Innovation Systems: Scaling up the Tropical Agriculture Platform Framework" (TAP-AIS project, 2019-2024), which receives financial assistance of the European Union.

The CDAIS project supported activities of the TAP at the global level and developed approaches and methods of capacity development for agricultural innovation systems at the country level including capacity needs assessment, implementation and evaluation of interventions. Building on the CDAIS experience, the TAP-AIS project is being implemented in additional countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America, aiming to foster agricultural innovation at national level with focus on climate-smart innovations.  

TAPipedia gathers key documents of TAP-related projects (such CDAIS and TAP-AIS) but also includes resources from many other providers and it is open to contributions from both organizations and individuals. Discover how in the next section.