TAP Framework


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The TAP Action Plan includes the development of a Common Framework on Capacity Development (CD) for Agricultural Innovation Systems (AIS). The Common Framework proposes a practical approach to CD for agricultural innovation that aims at harmonizing, through an AIS perspective, the diversity of existing strategies. 

The Framework provides concepts, principles, methodologies and tools to better understand the architecture of AIS, to assess CD needs and to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate CD interventions. 

This approach will lead to more sustainable and efficient AIS. The Framework emphasizes the crucial role of facilitation, documentation and knowledge management issues as well as that of reflection and learning for enabling agricultural innovation.

An overview of the Common Framework is available here

In addition, the Framework features 3 main products: 

- The Synthesis Document, which summarizes the Conceptual Background (the document is also available in French and Spanish)

- The Conceptual Background, which provides theory, concepts, principles and definitions (the document is also available in French and Spanish

- The  Guidance Note on Operationalization, which explains approach and tools (the document is also available in French and Spanish)  

In the next months, a number of tools will allow for an interactive exploration of the Framework.