Deliverable 2.3 - Methodological Report and Guidance for the use of SENTINEL-2 Data in Assessing and Monitoring of Small Farms and Crop Production

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Ainali, K.
Godinho, S.
Guiomar, N.
Machado, R.
Pinto Correia, T.
Tsiligiridis, T.

This deliverable is a report on the main methodological steps implemented in the framework of the Small Farms, Small Food Business and Sustainable Food Security (SALSA) project in task 2.3 of Work Package 2 (WP2) to produce the Output 3, which is a crop type map in small farms context in each reference region (see D.2.4 report pag. 5). Accordingly, this report is not focused on presenting the results about the usefulness of Sentinel data in providing accurate crop type maps, but rather in providing a detailed explanation about the main methodological chain applied for the use of Sentinel-1A/B and Sentinel-2A/B data for crop type mapping in small farms. The results about crop types and production potential, as well as the assessment of the effectiveness of Sentinel data are presented in Deliverable 2.4. This methodological guidance can be seen as a good-practice 'toolkit' which describes the main technical and methodological steps to better use spatial and statistical tools (e.g. ArcMap and R), as well as Sentinel data, to create crop type maps, including the strategy to select the field points, which is a crucial step in the whole process. It is as such that this methodological guidance plays a key role in providing useful recommendations for those dealing with remote sensing data for crop type mapping.

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SALSA project
Sentinel-2 satellite imagery
Crop mapping