Net-map toolbox: Influence mapping of social networks
capacity development tools
Schiffer, E.

Net-Map is an interview-based mapping tool that helps people understand, visualize, discuss, and improve situations in which many different actors influence outcomes. By creating Influence Network Maps, individuals and groups can clarify their own view of a situation, foster discussion, and develop a strategic approach to their networking activities. More specifically, Net-Map helps players to determine what actors are involved in a given network, how they are linked, how influential they are, and what their goals are. This tool was developed as part of the project "Integrating Governance and Modeling" which is co-led by IFRPI and the University of Hohenheim, two institutions who together developed a space and environment for innovation and it is funded by the CGIAR Challenge Program for Water and Food. 

Chapter 1 of this manual provides a few examples of ways in which the Net-Map toolbox can be used, while Chapter 2 provides step-by-step instructions to using the toolbox. Chapter 3 shows how the Influence Network Mapping exercise can be part of a bigger research or implementation process. And finally, social network analysis has developed a wide array of concepts and methods for the analysis of network maps and while this manual cannot examine them in great detail, Chapter 4 introduces the basic concepts of centrality, provides some insight into to the use of network analysis computer programs, and refers to further literature, some of which is provided on the CD that accompanies this toolbox.

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