Policy Makers Engagement in Agricultural Innovation  Processes in Ghana: Successful and Unsuccessful Cases  of Technology Dissemination  

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Egyr S. I.
Ampadu-Ameyaw R.

This study aims to inspire the success of further agricultural innovation policies. Findings from this study will provide useful inputs for researchers, governments, the private sector, donors, and other stakeholders to improve policy‐maker engagement processes for innovations to ensure appropriate development and dissemination of innovation and maximise their socioeconomic impacts on the wider population. In the context of this study, the levels to consider for the study are local and national. Given the need for focus, the study addressed four agricultural innovation processes in the country. These agricultural innovation processes included: High quality cassava flour; Simple Water Control Strategies for Rice Cultivation; Maako Ntoose; and utilisation of Azolla as manure in lowland rice cultivation on vertisols

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