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Global Call for Agrifood system Innovations and Stories of capacity development for innovation

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Agricultural innovation is the process whereby individuals or organizations bring new or existing products, processes or ways of organization into use for the first time in a specific context in order to increase effectiveness, competitiveness, resilience to shocks or environmental sustainability and thereby contribute to food security and nutrition, economic development or sustainable natural resource management (FAO, 2019). Innovation consists of doing something new and different, whether solving an old problem in a new way, addressing a new problem with a proven solution, or bringing a new solution to a new problem (UN Innovation Network, 2019).
(Purpose/Objective, Methods/Approach, Results/Findings, Conclusions/Implications, Scope/Limitations, Context/Background, Innovation/Contribution) (150/400 words)
Please also describe to what extent a multi-stakeholder and participatory approach has been adopted
Challenges encountered (any types of trade-offs, and how these were managed) (e.g. win-win situations)
Factors for success (Nexus: agricultural research, extension and education; Participation of the private sector; Engagement of producer organisations, non-governmental actors; Were there conducive local/institutional administration, policy or strategy, regulation of financing that contributed to the successful innovation process?)
What capacities (technical and functional) have been critical for the successful use of the innovation? What capacities still need to be developed? In which stakeholder groups? By whom?
Lessons learned (both positive and negative)
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